Don’t Let the Guest Blogging Fiasco Ruin Community

And so begins the latest round of near apocalyptic social media and website content publications spelling doom for SEO as we know it. In an already well-known post, Matt Cutts calls time on guest blogging as a method of obtaining links, saying that “…if you’re doing a lot of guest blogging then you’re hanging out […]

Do Google Business Photo’s Increase Trust In Local Rankings

I have just finished a great article surrounding Google’s Business Photo’s program. Philip Rozek, guru of local search argues quite convincingly that hiring a trusted Google business photographer could add authenticity to your local places listing and therefore improve your ranking. See the post here. For those of you who are not sure exactly what […]

Link Building Tips For Craft & Party Supply People!

This is my first post on 2013 and wanted it to be something special. So for all you party event organisers, party supply owners or fancy dress owners, this will unlock the box on some top secret link building techniques. Well I say top secret they are just common sense but hugely effective at getting […]

5 Reasons Local Companies Should Use Video For SEO

First of all, any local company currently investing in SEO is definitely doing something right! SEO is a vital part of marketing these days and when done correctly, can bring a great return on investment for any business. Increasingly however, there is becoming a problem with SEO which is that a lot of local companies […]

Movember Day 1 – 2012

Hi Guy’s, This post is a little bit different from my usual SEO updates! as I want to talk about something a little bit different. Movember!!. I had seen the hashtag flying around on Twitter and heard some mention it at Networking meetings without fully understanding what it’s all about. As soon as I did […]

SEO copywriting – Top 10 Tips

Writing for search is an essential skill for anyone producing digital content. Here are 10 tips to improve your SEO copywriting 1.      Don’t stuff keywords It’s tempting to think that adding in keywords as many times as you can will improve your site’s search rankings. In fact, this just makes your content harder for users […]

Top Tips For B2B Link Building Ideas

Link building has become hard work but to be honest I love it! It’s all about relevancy, engagement and using your creative skills to harness enough leverage so that the site owner would love to link back to you. Business to Business is perhaps the hardest sector to acquire links from. The areas you can […]

10 Ways To Improve Your Ecommerce SEO

E-commerce SEO is probably the most competitive part of SEO work there is. Here we outline ten ways to improve your own website’s SEO to help improve your visibility. 1)      Search Engine Friendly URLs – Make sure that the pages for your site contain search engine friendly links. Most Ecommerce platforms come with a plugin […]

What Is SEO In A Post Penguin World?

Many SEO companies and agencies are asking this question. Many ethical and organic SEO’s could see the change coming. With the deindexing and penalisation of private blog networks in late March, Google was finally clamping down on link spam and those looking to artificially inflate their rankings via aggressive link building methods. Also at the […]

Finding Guest Blog Posting Opportunities

As a result of Google’s ever changing rules on what is right and wrong the main focus of my SEO link building efforts is now content marketing. One of the main ideas behind content marketing is to use content to gain brand awareness, trust and for purely SEO purposes a link back to your website […]

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