SEO, Social Media And Inbound Marketing Sheffield

SEO, Social Media And Inbound Marketing Sheffield

What is Optimize Yorkshire?

Optimize Yorkshire is an affordable and ethical seo (search engine optimisation) company.

Having an effective SEO campaign is vital to your businesses online success. Your website may be your shop window to your customers, but without targeted visitors it might as well be in the Sahara desert.

This is what SEO does. It increases your visibility in the search engines by placing your right in front of targeted visitors searching for the services or products you provide.

Affordable and  Ethical internet  marketing services

How do you know you need SEO?

Just answer the following questions:-

1) Do your customers use search engines to find related services or products?

2) Does your site appear for all related phrases to your services, products and area you cover?

If your site isn’t appearing for related services you could be missing out on up to 80% worth of the traffic related to your industry. In fact even worse, your leaking it to your competitors.

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